Las Vegas Weather can become brutally hot in the summer months, yet blistering cold in the winter which makes it almost unbearable to even go outside in your back yard at either time of year. As much as we feel the climate temperatures change, so does our landscaping plants, flowers, trees and bushes. Plants don’t have the ability to hide in the shade or stay when it’s too hot or stay in the sun when it’s too cold, so choosing plants that are well-adapted to the climate for the area you live is most important. A certified landscape company like JTB Landscaping or nursery professional can help you choose the right type of plant for your outdoor living space that will thrive, despite any type of weather you may be experiencing. If you are having problems with your landscaping staying plush through harsh weather conditions, you may want to look into plants that can acclimate to your climate much easier than others.

Below are some suggests for tough made plants that grow in harsher weather:

Coneflower: Is very versatile and blooms well in sun or partial sun. Coneflower is pleasing to look at with pink colors and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your landscaping. They have the ability to adapt to just about any soil type or moisture level.  Coneflower can grow up to 3 feet in height and blooms bigger when it gets plenty of water, but once established, it will do its best to bloom a little even in very dry, low light conditions.

Purpleheart: A great idea for ground cover however it grows very rapidly like a weed and will set its roots with very little water or soil needed. Purpleheart can become a headache if it starts to overgrow its contained areas so landscaping trimming upkeep is important. Purpleheart can fall down during hard cold temperatures but will will return as warmer temperatures prevail throughout the day. They have great lush colors and can be pleasing to any lawn.

Cast Iron plant: This plant is perfect for deep shade and can even be easily damaged with summer sunlight turning brown spots on its green leaves. If planted in the proper spot on you landscaping, Cast Iron plants can survive heavy rain, extreme heat, extreme cold and even slow draining soil.

Rose of Sharon: One of the most reliable garden favorite. This plant will bloom during the rainy seasons and still look great in the dry heat seasons of Las Vegas. In low light conditions it can still bloom and doesn’t need special soil conditions to do so. Rose of Sharon lives well in dappled sun and partial sun and comes in many types of colors and shapes. Considered a small, ornamental tree, but now also comes in dwarf sizes.

Don’t let the Las Vegas heat ruin your ideas for having a great landscaped back or front yard. Let our landscaping experts at JTB Landscapers give you a free estimate on your next designer landscaping ideas and contact us today!