How to choose the best Landscaping company for you.

There a many landscaping design companies to choose from in Las Vegas and finding the right one for your landscaping projects can become a challenge. Many complications can arise when finding out if your landscaping design company meets all the right requirements you are looking for your next commercial or residential landscaping project.

There are many “under the table” style landscapers that do not have the proper licenses to even work in the state of Nevada, let alone proper insurance, certifications, or affiliations to operate their business. Usually these landscaping companies will give you extremely low design estimates to gain your business, but then provide sub-par services when the job is complete.

Here are a few suggestions you can use to make sure your next landscaping design company is the right landscapers for you:

Project Portfolio

Before starting your new landscaping project, you should look and see what your potential landscaping contractor has worked on in the past to make sure it follows your approval. An experienced design company will show you completed portfolio of past work to demonstrate their experience and how it will benefit you. Compare their work to other landscapers you are getting bids from, to evaluate if they are the right landscaper for your project. If at all possible, visit the locations they have worked in order to get a better idea of the services they provide and see if they best fit with your needs.

Licensing and Insurance

Always check to make sure the landscaping design company you are choosing have all of their licensing and insurance policies current and up-to-date. Landscapers without proper state licensing and insurance, can run the risk of doing your job with no recourse if something goes wrong. Without proper bonding or adequate workmen’s compensation, you as the business or home owner, can be held liable in case of one of their employees gets injured while working on your landscaping project.

If the landscaping contractor does not comply with Nevada’s business practices or policies, you may want to consider another landscaper who does. These policies are there to protect you and your home or business from costly medical bills and accident related expenses should an accident occur.

Provided Services

Every landscaping project is different, and can require different needs. You will need to decide if you need a full service landscaping design company or just a maintenance landscaper.

Full service landscapers will have the ability and resources to completely overhaul your landscaping and implement new designs from scratch. They will work with you on ideas that best meet your needs and use their experience to make sure they stay within your set budgets.

Maintenance landscapers will be able to maintain your landscaping and keep it looking new. They pride themselves on being experts in lawn maintenance but not have the right amount of resources needed to build from scratch something new.

Think about what type of landscaper best meets your needs and choose them for your next project.  If you are looking for a full service landscaping company, JTB landscapers can help you with your needs. Please contact us today for a free site visit and estimate.