There are many new homes being build on uneven land in the Las Vegas and Henderson valleys. These steep slopes and hills can be difficult and may require the right landscaping design company helping you along the way.

When first taking on a landscaping project on a steep slope, hillside or ditch is to address the easiest ways to make your design hold the property in place. Some may need a simple methods to keep the soil from shifting, while others may need more complex and elaborate ways depending on the factors you are challenged with. You must consider erosion control as well as creating an appealing design with the space you have. Most landscaping designs and ideas will vary depending on size, pitch, materials, location, and other circumstances, however the basic principles are most commonly the same with any sloped landscaping project.

Other factors to consider are what type of plants you want to add as well as how to water them. Watering methods on sloped, hilled, or graded land, have to be adjusted properly for normal watering on flat ground. Water will run with gravity and may collect at the lowest points of you landscape if over watered and will kill plants in the long run. Because of this, drip irrigation systems are most common and recommended to keep water costs low, allow just the right amount of water needed, and manage over watering easier. Deep rooted plants and lawn turf are also good choices to keep water from running away.

These issues can unusually be avoided if the landscaping uses terracing made from built walls that serve as a retaining wall for ground soil and plants. These retaining walls can be built up and act like a barrier to level out the slopes in the soil. Retaining walls are commonly made from pre fabricated concrete block that can be affiliated from any local home stores, plant outlets or garden shops. These blocks are used because they are very inexpensive and very easy to install on your own as opposed to more high end retaining walls like stone, rock, and pavers. If you are unsure of your skill level or manpower to install anyone of these retaining walls, its best left up to getting your professional landscaper to do the job for you. If retaining walls are not made well, they can damage, crack, or fall down causing expensive landscaping repairs.

If you have a larger front or back yard and your retaining wall needs to allow you access on top of it, decorative pavers can be used to create access stairs or steps. They items allow your landscaping to have a custom feel as well as amazing curb appeal. Steps also can be used to change hedge plants and flowerbeds that can be a great solution for a small vertical areas.

There are many design ideas that can be implemented on any yard. Searching the internet for ideas is a good way to figure out what is required to make your landscaping the way you want it. If you find the task at hand is too much for you to handle, we recommend you contact a certified professional landscape design company like JTB Landscapers to help you facilitate any of you landscaping design ideas.  Contact us today to get a free landscaping estimate in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson.