Usually when starting a new landscaping idea in your Las Vegas home, you will consult a landscape architect, to go over the overall project and come up with solutions to any situation. Most landscape architects have the knowledge to figure out the best area to add specific needs including the climate and activities that will take place, as well as layouts and planting plans. Landscaping architects will be able to assess your current yard and come up with any solution needed to  be able to take your ideas and make them reality. Any grading changes, design structures, outbuildings, water drainage modifications, irrigation systems, and retaining walls are the responsibility that can fall on a professional landscape architect. A good landscaping architect will have all the proper certifications and knowledge needed to facilitate detail drawings and yard plans to go over with their customers before starting their jobs. Landscape architects are trained to develop comprehensive structural plans that include plants, hardscaping, water use, and drainage systems that will need to be certified and inspected.

When are have your lot layout and the design you like, you will contact a landscape designer to maximize the most potential of your landscaping space. Landscape designers will look at functionality and landscaping architecture to come up with plan such as adding stone walls, brick pavers, concrete, retaining walls, fences, gardens etc. They will look at your needs and analyze what type of plants, trees, bushes and flowers will work best for your yard in its environment as well as inspect drainage systems and irrigation lines to keep them living year round. Landscape designers specialize in the aesthetic and horticultural more so than the designs.

When choosing a professional landscaper, always consider the scope and emphasis of your landscaping project to make sure the company you are choosing is the right one for your needs. Contact JTB Landscapers today to get a free onsite estimate on your next landscaping need.