No matter where you have pavers in your landscaping, it is always a good idea to use paver sealant to enhance and protect the appearance of your landscaping hardscape. Brick pavers, concrete and stones can all be sealed to help protect them from the weather elements as well as give them a wet finished looked, not to mention, add even more value to your home and curb appeal.

The use of a sealer on your pavers will benefit you in cleaning and maintaining them for years to come. Paver sealer prevents substances from sticking to your pavers and eventually wearing, cracking, or fading them. Oils if spilled or contacted with the sealer can be easily removed with water instead of using harsh chemicals that can destroy the integrity of the paver stones. This allows your landscaping hardscape to look fresh and new year round.

There are acrylic based paver sealer and water based paver sealer you can choose from. Both offer the same benefits and protection to your hardscape. The only difference is preference of look with the acrylic paver sealer being more of a high gloss finish.

Most high quality paver sealers have the ability to have different types of finishes on your pavers depending on the look and style you are trying to achieve such as Natural Look, Color Enhancing, Wet Look, High Gloss, Semigloss, No gloss/zero gloss, Matte Finish, and Natural Coat. No matter what finish you choose, they all have the same properties to protecting your landscaping hardscape.

The average lifespan of paver sealers depend on the type of sealer being used, the climate the pavers are constantly enduring, the amount of traffic on them, and the maintenance upkeep after the sealant is applied. Generally most pavers sealant will last one to 4 years but can be extended with good maintenance practices.

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